Thursday, January 28, 2016

Ad for Florida Motor Lines - 1935

From the Miami Daily News, July 9, 1935.

Ad for Florida Motor Lines buses: "AIR CONDITIONED by Mother Nature."

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  1. Air conditioning, as we know it, was essentially invented by John Gorrie, a doctor in Apalachicola, to provide comfortable temperatures for his malaria hospital patients. He patented the first 'modern' system, using a condenser mechanism that would be recognized today. His patent was issued in the mid-1800s.

    Air conditioned cars, trucks and buses didn't come along until the mid-1900s. Packard had the first rudimentary air-conditioner, in 1939-40, but it didn't work or sell well at all. The first really successful system was available on the 1953 Chrysler.

    In 1935, the time of this ad, movie theaters and convention halls would advertise 'air conditioning,' generally provided by blowing ambient air over and through stacks of ice -- a system not well suited to motor coach transport.


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