Friday, June 13, 2014

Miami International Airport in the 1960s and 1970s

Miami International Airport - 1965.
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MIA Airside in the mid 1970s.The Miami Airport Hotel is seen 
from Delta's south concourse in the background of a 
Delta L-1011, a United Boeing 727-200, and United Douglas DC-10.
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National Airlines Maintenance facility and DC-10s at MIA. 
This shot shows five Douglas DC-10s belonging to hometown 
airline National Airlines between flights. National would 
be taken over by Pan Am in 1979. 
These images were taken before the 1974 opening of 
National's famous cantilever hanger.
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Miami International Airport Aerial - 1976.
This rare aerial of Miami International Airport captures 
the NW20th St Terminal in 1976. At its opening in 1959 and for years 
after, MIA was the world's largest single terminal. By the mid 1970s, there 
had been the first major changes to the terminal, including the Flamingo 
and Dolphin parking garages, and the new Midfield Terminal E 
for international airlines and Pan Am which is seen under construction 
here before the connector train was added. Eastern dominated 
the North concourse, Pan Am was in the middle, while 
Miami based National planes can be seen in the 4th finger.
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