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Fans await the arrival of the Beatles at MIA - 1964

Young fans wait for the Beatles to arrive at Miami International 
Airport on Feb. 13, 1964. The ecstatic girls jumped the rail 
moments later. (John Walther/Miami Herald)
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Miami Archives, Feb. 13, 2012: The Beatles visit Miami Beach Feb., 1964

Saturday, June 28, 2014

1913 newspaper ad for Smith's Book Store

From the Miami Daily Metropolis, June 28, 1913.

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Gatti Restaurant on West Ave., Miami Beach

1946 Postcard for Gatti, The Restaurant of Distinction.
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Miami Daily News
April 22, 1926.

Miami Daily News
Aug. 22, 1926. 

Miami Daily News
Dec. 18, 1928. 

Miami Daily News
Nov. 24, 1955. 

Trailer for Miami Exposé (1956)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Royal Palm Hotel c. 1900

via the Library of Congress.
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Miami Archives, May 26, 2012: Henry Flagler's Royal Palm Hotel

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Along the Miami River - between 1900 and 1910

via the Library of Congress.
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Miami International Airport in the 1960s and 1970s

Miami International Airport - 1965.
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MIA Airside in the mid 1970s.The Miami Airport Hotel is seen 
from Delta's south concourse in the background of a 
Delta L-1011, a United Boeing 727-200, and United Douglas DC-10.
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National Airlines Maintenance facility and DC-10s at MIA. 
This shot shows five Douglas DC-10s belonging to hometown 
airline National Airlines between flights. National would 
be taken over by Pan Am in 1979. 
These images were taken before the 1974 opening of 
National's famous cantilever hanger.
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Miami International Airport Aerial - 1976.
This rare aerial of Miami International Airport captures 
the NW20th St Terminal in 1976. At its opening in 1959 and for years 
after, MIA was the world's largest single terminal. By the mid 1970s, there 
had been the first major changes to the terminal, including the Flamingo 
and Dolphin parking garages, and the new Midfield Terminal E 
for international airlines and Pan Am which is seen under construction 
here before the connector train was added. Eastern dominated 
the North concourse, Pan Am was in the middle, while 
Miami based National planes can be seen in the 4th finger.
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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Coconut Grove in the early 1900s

Road to Cocoanut Grove.
Between 1880 and 1901
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via the Library of Congress

Miami Daily Metropolis, Jan. 5, 1923.
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Jan. 5, 1923. 

Miami Daily Metropolis, Jan. 12, 1923. 
Jan. 12, 1923.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Mansene's Spaghetti House on NW 37th Ave

1960s photo.
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Miami News, July 14, 1964. 

Frank Sinatra at the Eden Roc | 1964 - 1965

Sinatra and Ed Sullivan at the Eden Roc, 1964.
(Photo by John Dominis / LIFE Magazine)
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ORIGINAL CAPTION: Feb. 1965: Frank Sinatra, left, and comedian Joe E. Lewis, 
2nd from right, talk together in an elevator lobby at the Eden Roc as several 
others, including Sinatra's bodyguard Ed Pucci, far right, 
stand nearbyThe long-time friends performed a two-week 
stand at the hotel during the first two weeks of February.
(Photo by John Dominis / LIFE Magazine)

Frank Sinatra in a room at the Eden Roc Hotel, 1965.

Sinatra tosses tosses a tablecloth after yanking it from a cluttered tabletop 
in a room at the Eden Roc, Feb. 1, 1965. 
(Photo by John Dominis / LIFE Magazine)

ORIGINAL CAPTION: As onlookers cheer, singer Frank Sinatra stands 
with a tablecloth in his hand after successfully pulling it out from under 
the dishes (though more than a few glasses seem to have fallen over) 
in a room at the Eden Roc hotel,  Feb. 1, 1965. Sinatra was at 
the hotel to perform a two-week stand with long-time friend 
Joe E. Lewis (not pictured) during the first two weeks of February. 
(Photo by Jon Dominis / LIFE Magazine)


Miami Archives: Frank Sinatra's South Florida connection

Miami News, Feb. 7, 1965.
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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

1923 newspaper ad for Miami Beach real estate

From the Miami Daily Metropolis, Jan. 5, 1923.

'Fly to Havana in 30 minutes - $10'

The Havana Travel agency at 721 Duval 
Street in Key West (ca. 1950s)
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Hialeah...the birth of a city

Glenn Curtiss.
TIME, Oct. 13, 1924.

Poor Glenn Curtiss. The aviation pioneer rivaled, perhaps exceeded, the Wright Brothers in accomplishment. He held the first U.S. pilot's license and the world land-speed record, 136 mph, set on the sands of Ormond Beach on a motorcycle of his design and manufacture. He practically invented and built U.S. naval aviation.

Along the way, Curtiss also found time to develop Hialeah, Opa-locka and Miami Springs.

But he had the misfortune of dying young, at 52 in 1930, and his once-electrifying fame faded.
Curtiss and a business partner, James Bright, had purchased a 12,000-acre ranch in 1916 where they established an airfield. But they built Hialeah on the land to cash in on the 1920s real estate boom.

Appalled by Hialeah's monotonous sprawl, however, Curtiss undertook careful planning for his next two developments, Opa-locka and the Springs, which he envisioned as a country-club residential paradise. For Miami Springs he fancifully chose the architectural style of southwestern adobe houses; for Opa-locka the theme was Arabian Nights.

His vision, interrupted by the subsequent land crash, never panned out beyond a clutch of surviving signature buildings in each.

Miami Daily Metropolis, Feb. 1, 1921.
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Prospective buyers tour Hialeah in 1921.

Home under construction in Hialeah, 1922.

Bridge from Hialeah to Miami Springs, 1926.

Hialeah, 1927.

Miami Daily News: Glenn Curtiss dies, July 23, 1930.

Miami Daily News: Airman Founded Miami Springs, June 26, 1950.

Orlando Sentinel: Miami Springs mansion home of aviation pioneer Glenn Curtiss rises from the ashes

Miami Springs website: Glenn H. Curtiss Mansion and Gardens

Curtiss Mansion blog: About Glenn Curtiss