Monday, December 31, 2012

The Meyer Lansky Scrapbook

Meyer Lansky, gambler and mob organizer of the Havana boom, leaving Rivieria Hotel casino with girl and satchel reported to have contained $200, 000 from cashier's office.
(LIFE Magazine photo, Feb. 1958.)

Original caption: 11/7/72-MIAMI, FLA: Meyer Lansky, the reputed financial brain of the underworld's gambling empire, struggles to get into his attorney's car after being freed on bonds totaling $250,000, a little more than nine hours after landing in Miami from South America. (UPI)-ps/PKS
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Miami News, Nov. 10, 1972: Lansky's wife leaves Israel, to join him here

Original caption: Miami - Meyer Lansky stands with attorney E. David Rosen
outside the Federal Courthouse 2/27/1973 after the second day of his trial
on charges of contempt. Lansky testified today, telling the jury he
did not answer a grand jury summons because his doctor advised
against traveling. His trial is expected to end 2/28/1973.

Original caption: Miami - Meyer Lansky stands on the steps of the Federal
Courthouse 2/28/1973, shortly before a jury convicted him of contempt.
Lansky, 70, had testified that ill health had prevented him from appearing
to testify before a grand jury.

Miami News, Mar. 1, 1973: Lansky on bail, awaits sentencing

Original caption: (MH3) Miami, Fla., July 9--SMILING LANSKY ARRIVES AT COURT--A smiling, squinting Meyer Lansky arrives at Miami's federal building this morning to stand trial on charges of income tax evasion.(AP Wirephoto)(see AP wire story)

Miami News, July 10, 1973: Lansky hearing on health claim set tomorrow

Meyer Lansky arriving for his trial on income tax evasion charges at
Federal Court in Miami, July 17, 1973.

Miami News, July 17, 1973: IRS man excused as Lansky juror

Miami News, July 25, 1973: Lansky faces new tax trial

Miami News, Oct. 12, 1977.

Miami News, Feb. 10, 1978.

Lansky walks his Shih Tzu, Bruzzer, on Miami Beach in the 70s.

Original caption: Jan. 16, 1983, Miami, FL: Thelma Lansky (C) weeps as
the remains of her husband Meyer Lansky are readied for burial.
Lansky, reputed underworld financier, died of cancer at the age of 80 on Jan. 15, 1983.

Miami News, Jan. 17, 1983.

The Meyer Lansky Scrapbook (Part II)

Friday, December 28, 2012

'Fly Any Day at Opa-Locka'

From the Miami Daily News, Aug. 29, 1926.

"2 for $5" ... "Cool off in the Clouds."

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Lenny Bruce's 1962 Miami Beach gig

From the Miami News, Dec. 28, 1962...

Ad for Lenny Bruce's one week engagement at "Le B" Buffet Bistro on the 79th Street Causeway.

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'Residences along the Bay Boulevard' - ca. 1900-1915

Original caption: "Residences along the Bay Boulevard,
Miami, Fla." ca. 1900-1915.  Via the Library of Congress.

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Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas dinner in Miami through the years

Christmas dinner restaurant ads from the Miami News....

Betty's Restaurant, Dec. 24, 1952

Embers Restaurant, Dec. 24, 1961

Mansene's Italian Restaurant, Dec. 24, 1968

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Granny's Sundries on South Beach - June, 1973

Original Caption: Shopkeeper outside small store which caters to the older citizens of the neighborhood. The South Beach area has a large retirement population.
Photograph by Flip Schulke.
via U.S. National Archives on Flickr

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Miami Beach nightclubs and chorus girls - 1947

Chorus girls Betty Luster and Lillian Reese loll in patio between shows
at the Beachcomber. LIFE Magazine, March 3, 1947
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LIFE Magazine, March 3, 1947.
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Beachcomber Club at 1271 Dade Blvd., Miami Beach. (1946)

Miami Daily News, Jan. 21, 1947.

Copa Cabana Nightclub on Dade Blvd., Miami Beach.

Miami Daily News, Jan. 21, 1947.

Danny Kaye and Copa Cabana chorus girl
Juanita Hughey frolic on the
beach in Jan., 1947.
The Copa paid Kaye $20,000 a week
for his appearance.

(LIFE Magazine photo.)

Miami Daily News, Feb. 7, 1947.

Miami River, ca. 1900-1920

Mouth of the Miami River, Biscayne Bay. ca. 1900-1920.
via the Library of Congress. (Click to enlarge.)

Monday, December 17, 2012

E.L. Brady Grocers and C.W. Schmid's Restaurant on 12th Street - 1908

Delivery wagon for E.L. Brady Grocers in front of
C.W. Schmid's Restaurant on 12th Street (now Flagler St.) in
Miami's business district - 1908. (Click to enlarge.)

From the Miami Metropolis, Feb. 5, 1908.
From the Miami Metropolis, Feb. 5, 1908.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ad for Panasonic electronics - 1971

From the Miami News, Dec. 22, 1971.

1970s panasonic radios, tvs, stereos, cassette recorders

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Miami TV station ads - 1957

from the Miami Daily News, May 7, 1957.

wckt channel 7, wtvj channel 4, Miami, 50s television miami, miami tv 1950s

Evening along the Miami River - early 1900s

Circa 1901-1906 - via the Library of Congress.
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Friday, December 14, 2012

There Oughta Be A Law comic strip - 1950

From the Miami Daily News, Dec. 1, 1950.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Miami Herald throughout the years

Miami Herald employees - 1914.
(All photos via Florida Memory)


New Miami Herald building on Miami Ave.
under construction, 1941.


Herald city room, 1941.


John S. and James L. Knight at new Miami Herald building
in 1963.

Herald newsroom, 1963.

Random Pixels: One Herald Plaza...then and now

Monday, December 10, 2012

Hialeah Race Track - 1939

Hialeah Race Track, 1939.
All photographs by Marion Post Wolcott
via the Library of Congress.

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Friday, December 7, 2012

Ad for Coral Gables real estate - 1922

From the Miami Daily Metropolis, Dec. 12, 1922.