Thursday, April 2, 2015

1950s and 60s Miami Beach street scenes

Looking north on Collins Avenue from
Fontainebleau Hotel. (1960)
[All photographs from the files of the City of Miami 

Beach News Bureau.]

Washington Avenue looking south from 17th Street. (1957)

Sands Hotel at Lincoln Road and Collins Avenue with Delano
Hotel in the background. (1956)

Looking north on Collins Avenue with views of the Nautilus, Surf Club,
Town House and Vanderbilt hotels. (1955)

Looking north on Collins Avenue with Empress Hotel at 43rd Street and
Fontainebleau Hotel in background. (1954)

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  1. That horrible building off 17th and Washington never should have been allowed to be built. Can you imagine that the developers of that building dreamed of more tall buildings like that up and down Washington Avenue? We better be more vigilant, because the current regime is doing just that!


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