Wednesday, May 6, 2015

"Mosquito Proof Dining" at the Fleetwood Hotel, Miami Beach

Proof that Miami Beach was once a swamp.

The Fleetwood Hotel on West Avenue, Miami Beach advertised itself as "The Coolest Spot in Florida" and offered "Mosquito Proofed" dining.

From the July 2, 1925 issue of the Miami Daily News.

View of the Fleetwood Hotel (left,) from Star Island. 
Image via University of Miami Digital Archive.

Ad for Fleetwood Hotel, 1934.


  1. I lived directly across from the front door of the Fleetwood, at 825 West Avenue--an old small apartment building called The Meldrum.

  2. My great grandfather, who was the head of the US Shipping Board in the late 20s early 30s, apparently vacationed here when in FL. I just purchased an online photo from 1934 of him and his wife and son out front of the Hotel...though it really doesn't show the Hotel, just states as much on the back of the photo. It is nice to actually see what the Hotel looks like!


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