Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Old Key West Houses

Old Key West houses, businesses (and cars) photographed in 1965 by the Property Appraiser's Office.


1018 Watson Lane.
Built 1928.

1016 Watson St.
Built c. 1906.

1025 Catherine St.
Built c. 1906.

1117 Watson St.
Built c. 1890.

1107 Watson St.

1103 Virginia St.

Arthur's Newsstand, 1100 Truman Ave.
Built c. 1912. 

House at 1216 White St.
Garage - Brady's Bicycle Repair.
House built c. 1899. 

Santiago's Barber Shop, 1108 White St.


  1. Beautiful photos. The 57 Ford Farelane looks like my first car, purchased for $100 back in 1966. The Rambler stationwagon remindes me of the one my father would drive me and my 2 brothers from Pennsylvania to Florida back in the 50's for Christmas vacation. Brought back some good memories.

    1. So glad you enjoyed. Check back here for more!

  2. You can always tell when a photo (or a TV show/film) was shot by the everyday cars parked outside or rolling by in the background. They are just as much a part of the story as the actors.


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