Sunday, June 29, 2014

Fans await the arrival of the Beatles at MIA - 1964

Young fans wait for the Beatles to arrive at Miami International 
Airport on Feb. 13, 1964. The ecstatic girls jumped the rail 
moments later. (John Walther/Miami Herald)
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Miami Archives, Feb. 13, 2012: The Beatles visit Miami Beach Feb., 1964

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  1. i still remember it ,like it was yesterday.I went Hialeah high at the time,word spread thru school like wildfire,so when my last class was over,richard mallet &I jumbed in his 55chevy and headed down lejune rd to the airport.i rememeber the old glass windows,back then each concourse was on the the bottom floor,lots of broken glass,one girl was cut pretty many people jammed in,but it so worth it.i believe it was WQAM,that tried to fool the fans by having 4 guys in wigs,get off the plane,but that didn't fool many people,then the fab 4 got off and into the limo.


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