Saturday, July 12, 2014

Hoffman's Cafeteria on Collins Avenue

Before it was the Warsaw Ballroom or Jerry's Famous Deli, the iconic building at Collins Avenue and Espanola Way on Miami Beach was home to Hoffman's Cafeteria.

During World War II when the Army trained pilots on Miami Beach, Hoffman's, and three other Miami Beach restaurants, were taken over by the military and used as mess halls for cadets.

Miami Daily News, April 7, 1942: Army Takes Over Hoffman's, and 3 other Miami Beach restaurants

Miami Daily News, Feb. 7, 1954: Cafeteria Pay Hiked on Beach Jerry's Famous Deli on South Beach is now closed


  1. If it wasn't for Club Ovo and the Warsaw Ballroom, this building would've fallen into disrepair and possibly razed. Debauchery saved Art Deco. Sad but true.


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