Monday, June 8, 2015

The Quarterdeck Club in Biscayne Bay

In 1940, Commodore Edward Turner built a large house on a barge and pilings near Crawfish Eddie's and named it the Quarterdeck Club. When it opened in November, membership cost $150 by invitation only and the club became one of the most popular spots in Miami. The club's popularity grew after an article about the club appeared in Life magazine on February 10, 1941.
LIFE Magazine, Feb. 10, 1941.

"A little luncheon party is staged by Leo Edwards, Miami auto dealer, who
built the first shack in Quarterdeck Club waters six years ago."
From LIFE Magazine, Feb 10, 1941. (Click images to enlarge)
"Shangri-La is handsome houseboat of Commodore Edward Turner, former
whisky salesman who founded Quarterdeck Club."

From LIFE Magazine, Feb. 10, 1941.

Quarterdeck Club opens, Miami Daily News, Nov. 17, 1940

Edward Turner, founder of Quarterdeck Club, arrested in New York for running "black market whisky ring," Miami Daily News, Dec. 22, 1943

Quarterdeck Club slot machine raid, Miami Daily News, May 30, 1949

Quarterdeck Club raided by state beverage agents, Miami Daily News, Dec. 18, 1954

Quarterdeck Club Destroyed by Fire, Miami News, Sept. 5, 1961

Stiltsville: Miami's Treasure Island, Ocean Drive magazine

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