Friday, February 24, 2012

Cracking down on jaywalking in Miami Beach -1970

Miami Beach, 1975. photograph by Flip Schulke.
The date: May, 1970.

The place: Washington Avenue and 14th Street, Miami Beach.

Miami Beach police officer Frank Marzullo - the "Dirty Harry of the Crosswalks" - is nabbing jaywalkers and issuing $3 tickets like he's handing out candy at a kid's birthday party. And just about everybody gets a ticket on this day. At 6:16 in the first video, Marzullo tells one elderly lawbreaker, "It's better to be late for an appointment than to be on time in heaven."

On hand to record the action is a crew from a kinder, gentler Channel 7, including reporter George Skinnner, who was surely a contender that year for "Mr. Congeniality."

From "Two Feet To the Grave" - WCKT, Channel 7, May 28, 1970 (Part 1)

(Part 2 - watch for Marzullo's interaction with the old guy at 0:25)

(Part 3)

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