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John Dillinger killed - Miami Daily News, July 24, 1934

Eighty years ago today:

John Dillinger killed in Chicago on July 22, 1934.


CHICAGO, July 23.—(AP)—Dillinger's dead!

He swaggered from a neighborhood theater last night into the raking fire of government guns. Too late he saw the gleaming steel of the trap set for him.

His hand went for his gun. Too late. Three bullets tore into his body—one in the neck, two in the body. He staggered, fell.

It was the end of John Dillinger.


Here's how the Miami Daily News reported his demise in its July 24, 1934 issue.

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Miami Beach Police Department's traffic cam in 1939

In 1939, before anyone had ever heard of drones, the Miami Beach Police Department was keeping an eye on things with this cutting-edge technology.

Vintage 1950s postcards of the Fontainebleau Hotel

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Miami Undercover TV series - 1961

Miami News, July 17, 1960.
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Episode from the 1961 TV series, "Miami Undercover," featuring a young Larry King playing "Sleepy Sam ," an overnight radio DJ who hosts "The Midnight Flyer."

Also features a scene (at 14:35) shot at Scotty's Drive-In Restaurant, 16301 Collins Avenue (A1A), Sunny Isles.


Associated Press, Nov. 8, 1959: New TV Series Being Filmed

Miami News, Oct. 18, 1960: TV Series 'Crowded Out,' 'Undercover' Going to Hollywood

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Hoffman's Cafeteria on Collins Avenue

Before it was the Warsaw Ballroom or Jerry's Famous Deli, the iconic building at Collins Avenue and Espanola Way on Miami Beach was home to Hoffman's Cafeteria.

During World War II when the Army trained pilots on Miami Beach, Hoffman's, and three other Miami Beach restaurants, were taken over by the military and used as mess halls for cadets.

Miami Daily News, April 7, 1942: Army Takes Over Hoffman's, and 3 other Miami Beach restaurants

Miami Daily News, Feb. 7, 1954: Cafeteria Pay Hiked on Beach

Miami.com: Jerry's Famous Deli on South Beach is now closed

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